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AJITA SUCHITRA VEERA is an Indian Film Director-Producer-Writer-Illustrator, Photographer and Actor. She is one of the most significant modern Directors to emerge in the contemporary New Indian cinema from India. Ajita, studied Science, Theatre, Photography & Cinema at the prestigious NATIONAL Film Institute India,( FTII) Pune India and worked as a freelance Director, till she founded IMAGINEM CINEMA Pvt Ltd in 2009 -a Motion Picture Company for Producing imaginative,provocative and original cinema from India.

Her Feature Film “BALLAD OF RUSTOM”(2014)which she Wrote, Directed & Produced & also did Production Design & Collaborated on Film Editing, Sound Design & Music was in THE OSCAR® CONTENTION for BEST PICTURE 86th Academy Awards 2014 and won the BEST DIRECTOR at the 12th Osian Cinefan New Delhi. Ajita Suchitra Veera -was presented the first INDIBOR BOSE award for excellence in cinema by Cine Central-one of the oldest film societies founded by the Legendary Director Satyajit Ray in Kolkata.

BALLAD OF RUSTOM has been variously described as - Adventurous-Epic and “A Powerful Cinema Poem”

Her short features have been showcased widely across the globe and acclaimed for their visually beautiful and experimental style of filmmaking.

Short Film "Notes On Her" was an Oscar® Entry in 2003,and also showcased widely in Camerimage Poland, kodak Budhapest -Masterclass Hungary, Oberhausen Germany, 23rd VGIK International Film Festival - Moscow-and Cannes Cine fondation. Graduate Film "Solitary Sandpiper" won her the BEST ART DIRECTOR in 2004 at Festival Sesily -Georgia

I think cinema has an astonishing potential to transcend the everyday reality of our times and transport us into other worlds –the experience of filmmaking is at once both grueling and cathartic. There is an infinite mystery in cinema-something which makes us reach beyond ourselves…and possibly that is my journey in cinema..

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Film Director, Producer, Founder

Email: ajitasuchitraveera@imaginemcinema.com